Fenno-Swiss-Agency brings it to you!

If you live in Scandinavia, the Baltic States or Russia and if you are interested in high quality private education in Switzerland to study for:

  • The International Baccalaureate

  • A-level qualifications

  • American High School Diploma

  • Business School Diploma up to Doctors level

  • Hotel Management qualifications up to Masters level

  • Tourism Management qualifications up to Bachelors level

  • University degrees up to Masters level

The Fenno-Swiss-Agency will provide a complete service from the choice of appropriate school to the graduation ceremony.

We serve the whole of the Scandinavian and Baltic area and we represent the finest international schools, business schools, universities and hotel and tourism management institutes in Switzerland. As we act as an official representative to these schools, we charge no fees to the student. You pay only the normal school fees and our services are included in that price if not stated otherwise.

Unlike other offices which represent only single schools, Fenno-Swiss-Agency maintains a portfolio of several different schools in each sector of education. In this way, we are able to advice the student on the school that will best suit his or her needs and offer a choice of syllabus, level of achievement and location.

The comprehensive services of the Fenno-Swiss Agency include:

  • Full information on all client schools of which all are visited by our representatives on a regular basis

  • Assessment and recommendations to ensure each student chooses the school best suited his or her needs

  • Administration of school entrance requirements such as English or Maths tests as requested by the schools

  • Visits to the client students at their schools

  • Full assistance with the completion of applications forms, supporting documents, visa and study permit applications and other travel and accommodation services also for parents visiting students or attending graduation ceremonies can be arranged by the Fenno-Swiss-Agency at very competitive prices.

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