The Fenno-Swiss-Agency acts as an officially accredited representative for several educational institutes in Switzerland and beyond. The current portfolio can be found from this website.

Switzerland has a truly international community. One in every four residents in the country are non-Swiss. A first class education is one of the traditions that enriches Switzerland. When looking for possibilities to either start your studies or alternatives for further education, Switzerland is the place. Prestigious European and American as well as Australian Universities give credit for studies completed in the represented Swiss schools and studies in one of these countries generally require only one or two more years of study.

Some institutes issue their Swiss Diploma along with British or American Diplomas of degrees such as B.Sc.. B.A., M.A., BBA, and MBA. There are also possibilities to change from one campus to an other one in a different country or even on a different continent. These are only some of the advantages that can be found when studying in Switzerland.

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